Friday, January 8, 2016

A productive 2015

In 2014, I came up with a list of "40 things to do in ’14". I did okay accomplishing those goals, so I shared them here last January. Since I wrote a similar list for 2015, I thought it was time to share those accomplishments here once again.

First the stats. Coz I am crazy like that.

Instead of jumping to “50 things in ‘15”, I came up with the odd number of 42 things. Of those 42 goals, I succeeded in 31 one of them, or 74%. That seems pretty good to me. I came close in 3 of them and failed at only 8.

So here it is:

1.       Read the book of 1 Kings 3-10-15
2.       Read the book of 2 Kings 3-28-15
3.       Read the book of 1 Chronicles 12-12-15
4.       Read the book of 2 Chronicles
5.       Read the book of Luke 05-28-15
6.       Read the book of John got to chapter 7
7.       Finish Kisses From Katie 1-21-15
8.       Finish Shantaram 11-30-15
(I read more books than that - these were just my goals, books I really wanted to get through)
9.       Finish writing Early Ministry of Jesus 08-13-15
10.   Edit Tale of an American Woman 02-09-15
11.   Submit 10 pieces of writing submitted 7
12.   Have 3 pieces of writing accepted 12-01-15 YES!
13.   Attend a writers conference 08-16-15
14.   Attend ¾ of the meetings of the writers group (the whole group has kind of dissolved)
15.   Finish writing Business Plan 09-24-15
16.   Do a large scale fundraiser for Tumaini 10-04-15 gofundme  campaign $1650
17.   Sell four items in Etsy shop  
18.   Recruit and retain 3 board members 12-07 recruited one
19.   Take our first volunteer trip 10-18-15
20.   Sew winter scrub top 01-21-15
21.   Sew Snoopy computer cover 02-01-15
22.   Sew top from Ghana fabric 11-20-15
23.   Clean Nick’s old bedroom   01-09-15
24.   Clean under the basement stairs 02-07-15
25.   Plant my garden and flowers 05-24-15
26.   Route new trail in the woods 08-20-15
27.   Go to Texas in June 06-27-15
28.   Go up north for a day 07-27-15
29.   Go away in the fall
30.   Work on Easter Dinner 04-05-15  
31.   Write children’s Christmas program 12-11-15
32.   Do the Christmas program 12-19-15
33.   Move Val into her house 03-27-15
34.   Take Ciaara horseback riding
35.   Take Ciaara on a road trip
36.   Attend Jacob’s wedding 06-27-15
37.   Attend Val’s wedding 08-08-15
38.   Attend Sara’s wedding 09-12-15
39.   Host Thanksgiving dinner 11-25-15
40.   Walk the rest of the streets of town
41.   Run in a 5K
42.   Lose 5 pounds and keep it off 12-30-15

That's it for 2015. Makes me sounds awful ambitious, doesn't it? I think if I could pace myself I could do even better in 2016. I got a start on my list; let's see how it goes in the next 358 days. 

Have a productive year yourself.
At Jacob's wedding
At Val's wedding
At Sara's wedding
With Dino up north 
My top from my Ghana fabric
In Kenya on the roof of the volunteer house


Denise said...

All while working a insane full time job.

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

Aach, piece of cake.