Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Vote for Your Favorite Photo

Tonight I was working on a powerpoint presentation and ended up looking up some old pictures from Kenya. I found a few of my favorites from when my daughter Val was there for six months back in 2010. Looking at them, I realize that the three times I have been to Africa, for two weeks each time - well, that is not enough. Man, how I wish I could stay there for a couple months at a time.
 "Two Friends out for a Walk"
I don't even know where Val took this picture at, but it just cracks me up, two animals who were told they couldn't be friends, yet here they are out for a walk. 
 "I am Spiderman"
Most of the kids clothes are donated, but who donates a spiderman costume to a needy child? 
Sunset at Saikeri, no words needed.
 "Beach Scene"
This is at Diani Beach, off the coast of the Indian Ocean. 
"Momma's Pick" 
Momma loves the bird, the dog, my baby-girl full of hope and expectation. I love it. 

There is still time to donate towards our next trip, taking place the first two weeks in April. Go to our GoFundMe link here, or our website tumainivolunteers.org  . 
Or mail your check to PO Box 726, Wausau, WI  54402

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JK Riki said...

I really like the last one, very thought-provoking. It really tells a story, and makes you look at all the little details. :)

Good luck with the upcoming trip! I hope it's a tremendous blessing to all those involved.