Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wellness Wednesday - Massage Therapy

Haven’t seen one of these in a while – “wellness Wednesday” – so I thought it was time  to throw one in.

Back in November, when I was at a craft show selling my Kenyan crafts, a massage therapist was offering chair massages at a dollar a minute. I scared up five dollars, left my table in my sister’s capable hands and took at a seat in the chair. The woman told me something I already knew, “your shoulders are so tight.”  

I told her where I worked and that I was under a lot of stress. She gave me her card and a brochure and told me I should call for an appointment.

Later that weekend, I gave the information to the hubby and said how nice a massage would be for a Christmas present. I made it even easier on him, telling him that I didn’t work on the 4th or 5th. (hint, hint)

He didn’t wait til Christmas morning. When I got home from work next, there was the appointment time and day. January 5, 1:00 pm. For an hour. A full hour-long massage. What a treat! I couldn’t wait.


The traditional medical community sees many alternative health care practices as quackery. I would have to agree in some cases. Ear candling? Have you heard of that? I don’t have a clue how anyone thinks that is a good idea. Chelation therapy? I don’t think so. Acupuncture? Maybe. I had dry needling done on my hip and even though the practitioner stressed that it is not acupuncture, it sure looked like it to me. Chiropractics? On my back, you bet. The only thing that helps. But you will never convince me it can do anything for ear infections.

And massage? I couldn’t find much controversy there. Sure, just like anything else (including conventional medicine) there are people and circumstances when it should be avoided. But in general, a good massage can only relax those muscles, increase blood flow, and relieve pain.

So I had my massage yesterday. It was a great experience and I was ready to schedule another one. I was also ready to schedule the hubby for his own massage. But like the typical blue-color Wisconsin male, he was like, “no”.
Anyway, so if you need to just relax and pamper yourself, call and make an appointment. 

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