Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Our Team

The plane tickets have been purchased and our four volunteers are excited to head to Africa in the Spring. Let me introduce you to our team which will implement the first chicken project of Tumaini Volunteers.

Our team leader is our founder and president, Valerie Kelch. This will be Val's fourth trip to Kenya. Since 2006, she has spent a total of nearly ten months in Kenya and has traveled throughout the country volunteering in schools, orphanages and medical clinics.

Denise first went to Kenya last October and the country made such an impression on her that she couldn't wait to return. She works as a certified medical assistant, but has traveled all over the world.

Nick has never been to Kenya before but worked in Ghana, Africa, on two trips with Engineers Without Borders while he was in college. He currently works as an electrical engineer.

Matt has also never been to Kenya, but a trip to Africa has always been on his bucket list, though he has also traveled extensively. He has a degree in film production and will be joining the team to make a short documentary of the work that Tumaini is doing in East Africa.

I think this is a well-rounded team and that each of the members brings to the table their own unique interests and skills. Help me in wishing them the greatest success as we launch our first official project in Kenya, providing the people living there with sustainability.

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Denise said...

Somehow I missed this post. I'm sure that they are looking forward to traveling with them who is twice their age. How did it come to be that I will be traveling to Kenya, Africa with the children of my 2 most cherished friends? I just hope they can keep up with me...LOL,Tick Toc goes the clock. I had my first dream about the trip last night, Val had decided not to pack anything & waited until we got there to buy stuff at the Junction, (hey, not such a bad idea)!!!