Sunday, January 4, 2015

40 in '14

I seem to still be wrapping up 2014. I have an aversion to change so it only figures that I wouldn’t deal well with the New Year. I’ve only had to write “’15” once so far. That is another advantage of on-line banking.

Anyway, last January I wrote up a list of 40 things to do in ’14. I had to tweak that list a lot over the year and I am just today adding the final few things that brings my number back to 40. And of course, I categorized the entire list. You knew I would.

1.         finish Ragged Hope
2.         finish Sell Your Book like Wildfire
3.         finish the book of Numbers
4.         read the book of Matthew
5.         read the book of Deuteronomy
6.         read the book of Mark
7.         read the book of Joshua
8.         read the book of Judges
9.         read the book of Daniel and Decoding Daniel
10.       read Miracle at Tenwek
11.       finish writing Early Life of Jesus in 40 Days
12.       publish Early Life of Jesus
13.       finish writing Tale of an American Woman
14.       start writing Early Ministry of Jesus
15.       apply for tax exempt status
16.       do a large scale fundraiser for Tumaini
17.       set up Etsy shop
18.       make $1000 selling our Kenyan crafts
19.       get tax exempt status
20.       sew scrub top from Kenyan cloth
21.       sew curtains for Palm room
22.       sew retro summer dress
23.       clean my office and keep it clean!
24.       update my Snoopy list
25.       paint my bathroom  
26.       plant my garden
27.       plant my flowers
28.       make another trail in the woods
29.       clean the Palm room
30.       go away in the spring
31        take a road trip with my sister
32.       go camping in the summer
33.       go away in the fall
34.       work on Easter Dinner   
35.       write children’s Christmas program
36.       do the Christmas program
37.       host Trink’s BD party
38.       host Thanksgiving dinner
39.       walk half the streets of town
40.       start running again

Yes, some of these items seem pretty trivial, but sometimes the challenge is just getting the motivation. Plus, some things which seem so small are really quite big to me. I should have added taking my Kinship kid horseback riding and to the Renaissance Festival, coz those were really big, but then I would have had to re-work half of the list. Which inspires me to start on a list for 2015 and maybe then I can remember everything that I should be doing.

The problem with the 2015 list is should I make it 50 things long? 
This is my Palm tree room in the basement. It hardly ever gets used, so can anyone tell me how it gets so dirty? (This picture was taken 18 months ago, after I cleaned it the last time. I didn't get any "before" pictures of it.)

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