Friday, January 9, 2015

House and Home

It looks like I am half-way through sharing the list of 40 things I did in ’14. Hopefully I can get through this coz right now the list looks a little boring, so I combined two categories to keep things moving. 

20.       sew scrub top from Kenyan cloth
21.       sew curtains for Palm room
22.       sew retro summer dress
23.       clean my office and keep it clean!
24.       update my Snoopy list
25.       paint my bathroom 
26.       plant my garden
27.       plant my flowers
28.       make another trail in the woods
29.       clean the basement bedroom

I love to sew. I always have. When I was growing up, my parents had a partially finished room above the garage. They picked up an old sewing machine from somewhere and put it in that room. When I say “old” I mean it, as this sewing machine didn’t run on electricity, it ran by the foot peddle that the person sewing had to pump to get the needle to move up and down. That’s what I learned to sew on. Dad would bring pieces of fabric, destined to be cleaning rags, home from the paper mill he worked at. We would turn those hideously ugly pieces of cloth into curtains for our play house and skirts for our dolls. I sure wish I had pictures as my words would never do those scenes justice.
I also love my house and my yard. I know I’ve shared that whole story before, so I won’t go there again, at least not right now.

I know that I have shared pictures of Dino on the trail on the hill behind my house, but always wanted another trail that went past the swamp in front of my house. It took me just an afternoon last summer to widen the greater part of a deer trail, but I love that little path. 

It is what inspired me to resurrect an old mail box.
Huh? Funny that didn’t make my 40 things list.

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