Monday, January 19, 2015

Let the Anticipation Begin!

My husband and I are horrible home-bodies. We each come home from work and never leave the house (or yard) until we have to go to work next time. Saturday nights we do venture to church and once in a while we go out to eat afterwards with some church-friends. Other than that, my husband goes grocery shopping once a week and I go shopping or to see my daughter every couple weeks. There’s the occasional road trip or a day trip, but that’s mostly in the summer.

Sure I make plans for vacation every year. This year, in addition to our daughter’s wedding in August, we have two other out-of-town weddings to plan for. Sometimes, though, it just feels like we never do anything.

So this weekend I made plans. Yes, my word of the year – anticipation – has come into play. I’m so excited. My husband and I talk about doing this kind of stuff all the time, but it just never happens. So Saturday afternoon, I was on the internet, I found what I wanted to do, and what I was positive the hubby wanted to do, checked his schedule and found that he was off. And just like that, I ordered us some tickets.

Hotel California, here we come!!!!

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Elizabeth Olmstead McBride said...

Have fun.

And it's OK to be homebodies. Some people are so busy going, going, going but underneath they are actually just very lonely and afraid.