Friday, January 30, 2015

Flashback Friday - Speak for Yourself

I was wondering what picture from my past I could share with you today. It seemed like an awful lot of work to find a picture in a photo album and scan it. Instead I looked through the few pictures I already have scanned into the family archives of the computer and came across this gem. Ok, so it’s not very pretty. It is a newspaper clipping from 1979 so it didn’t scan very well. I tweeked it and edited it as much I could, but I guess you will just have to use your imagination.

A few years ago, when I found this clipping amongst my aging high school memorabilia, I was struck by the connections I still had with these people.

I lost track of Kathy, my best friend from high school, until a few years ago, when her dad passed away. Then, thanks to the internet, it has been easy to keep in touch again. I was in Bible study with Pam for a while and still work with her husband. Laura’s brother was also in Bible study with me for a long time. A few others I still run into on occasion.

Except of course for the token male of the group. Who knew at the time that Jay would take off for the big lights of Hollywood? And who would have ever guessed that he would die so young?

Crazy how much I remember about these people, and how little I remember about forensics. (I do remember the sweater I was wearing was my sister Pat's.) But the craziest thing is that I was in forensics at all, considering how ridiculously shy and introverted I was.

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