Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What I wrote in 2014

Now that you know what I read last year (because of course you have been following my blog so you already know what I had to say last night), let me share what I wrote.

* finish writing “Early Lifeof Jesus in 40 Days
* publish “Early Life of Jesus”
* finish writing “Tale of an American Woman”
* start writing “Early Ministry of Jesus in 40 Days”

I can’t remember when I actually started writing my second devotional, “The Early Life of Jesus in 40 Days”. Definitely over a year ago. I finished it, however, sometime in early September because it took me another month to finish a final edit and send it to my publisher.

My publisher released the book for publication on December 15, but if you are waiting for a print copy, join the crowd. There was a glitch with the printer, so even though I got one proof copy, I am still waiting for my case of copies to sell. The good news is that it is available to download onto your e-reader, so please do so. (And then don’t forget to write a review of it on or wherever else you wish.)

In January of 2012 (yes, three years ago), I had a dream about a lost Kenyan youth. I started writing his story shortly after that. About 40,000 words into the thing, I decided instead to tell the story of the American woman who befriended him. That was probably not my most productive decision, but I had to do it for various reasons.

On November 23, I typed “the end” and closed the file. After it ferments for a little while, I will open it back up and begin editing (one of my big goals for this year).

The problem with writing a series of books is that you have to keep writing them. At least three altogether. I think they call two books in a series “lazy author”. So, a while back I started organizing my Bible passages for the third book, which has the tentative title of “The Early Ministry of Jesus in 40 Days”. It really doesn’t talk much about His actual ministry; it is more like “Jesus Comes on the Scene in 40 Days”. So if anyone has a better title than that, please share.

Anyway, so I did finish my outline for the third devotional and I did write a few of the 40 days. My goal is to get through most of it in the next few months so that I can start editing it by summer.

Yep, that is where my writing has taken me in 2014. 

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