Saturday, January 24, 2015

And I'm Down til Monday

I had a totally unexpected glitch in the system yesterday. My internet connection went out on me. It has been funky and unreliable for the last few months. We blamed it on the fact that there is just too much information out there, too many YouTube videos, too much noise in the airwaves, and the antique (isn’t anything a couple years old an antique nowadays?) phone lines that our internet enters my house via (though my internet server says it is broadband or high speed or something) just cannot keep up. I think that it is kind of like our brains. I know my brain can only handle so much before it starts to shut down.

I just spent an entire hour on the phone with customer service. She made me type in twenty-nine hundred different things and the whole time I kept telling her, but it says I have no internet access, I don't think this going to work. She answered with, but all the lights are blinking on your modem so the internet is getting into your house just not into your computer. 

Well, I do have to admit that I know next to nothing about this, but I do know that my problems have never been solved by sitting on the phone with customer service for an hour. 

So someone's coming out on Monday.

So I drove into my place of employment this morning and borrowed their internet to post this, just so I can get this posted, as well as take care of two other things in my ebox that shouldn't wait until next week. 

I'm trying not to have a meltdown. I start to go into the DTs when I am not connected to the internet every few hours. I know, that is a bad thing and I need to disconnect more often for longer periods of time. And I will, but just not right now, when I have a bunch of deadlines coming up. Ok, granted, they are deadlines in my own head, because if I don’t give myself deadlines, I pretty much don’t get anything done. Isn’t everyone else the say way? The problem is that none of my deadlines can be met without internet excess. Snail mail? Yea, that’s not going to happen and if it did, guess what? I need to look up the addresses on the internet first anyway. 

I suppose this should teach me a lesson. Just like my cell phone. I don’t know anyone’s phone numbers anymore, all I do is look up their phone number on my cell phone, even if I am going to call them from my landline (because I don’t have cell phone coverage at my house in the woods), I look up their number on the cell first. I have a couple physical addresses in my cell phone too, but just tonight, I said, enough of that and I did write them down with pen on paper and stuck the paper in my paper address book. 

I was thinking about running into town again tonight and tomorrow to go online and take care of stuff, post blogs, check Facebook, etc. But you know what? I am just going to disconnect until Monday. It may do me some good. See ya then. 

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Elizabeth Olmstead McBride said...

I have disconnected 2 or 3 days at a time. I don't like it but it's doable. Its probably good for us to do so.