Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hubby's Man-Cave

I’m sitting here tonight wasting time watching “Rehab Addict” on HGTV. It is one of the few shows I watch, and most of the other shows I watch are on HGTV as well (House Hunters, Fixer Upper, Property Brothers). You remember that I am pretty much as boring as they come.

So I watch those shows, and think, “how I wish I could remodel my house like that!” Instead, the extent of remodeling I do is to paint. Or let the hubby paint.

The first week of January, which I talked the hubby into taking off with me, I managed to leave him home while I went to Michigan with my daughter. He was pretty happy to see me go so he could paint his man-cave by himself.

All that was left for me when I got home was to put the room back together. 

 Before the room was painted in black and white checkerboard, it actually was Packer green and yellow. I was too lazy to scan those pictures tonight, but I promise to some day break out the old photo albums and scan all the before, during and after pictures of my house from the last 24 years.

Someday, we will also put a ceiling in this room and hopefully I will be able to talk the hubby into taking the fiberglass insulation out of the windows and let me hang curtains. 


Elizabeth Olmstead McBride said...

The black and white checkerboard was too much! The Colombian flag colors look much better. You probably didn't know those were the colors of the Colombian flag. Now you do ;-)

Beth Camp said...

Dear Chris, What an amazing man cave! Just look what can happen over one weekend!!!! Too funny -- and those checkerboards he doesn't find distracting? BTW I just learned of the Property Brothers from my daughter today, but it's not on our cable. But I'm a fan of American Idol. Don't we need these moments of sheer relaxation?

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

Hubby couldn't decide between a Superhero theme, the Packers or the Badgers, so he went with all of them. He hung more framed comic books last night too. And was looking at some Badgers stuff since all he has is the Packers now. He says that I have rule of the rest of the house so he can do what he wants with one room.