Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What I read in 2014

The other day, as I was posting my list of 40 things I had done in 2014, I was hit with a stroke of genius. I can milk that list for a couple more days! Coz I am sure you looked at some of those things, and went “What is she talking about?” So without further ado, here is the explanation of my reading list from last year.

1.         finish Ragged Hope
2.         finish Sell Your Book like Wildfire
3.         finish the book of Numbers
4.         read the book of Matthew
5.         read the book of Deuteronomy
6.         read the book of Mark
7.         read the book of Joshua
8.         read the book of Judges
9.         read the book of Daniel and Decoding Daniel
10.       read Miracle at Tenwek
You probably said to yourself, “so what, she read ten books – or finished them – as I bet those first three books on her list she had started the year before.”

To which I would respond, “Bingo”. Yes, I read more books last year, 22, I believe, if my Goodreads list is accurate. Seven of the books on this list are books of the Bible (and not part of the 22 books on Goodreads, by the way), which shouldn’t be a challenge, but anyone who has read the Bible knows that’s not true. I tend to only read my Bible at bedtime. It’s too big and bulky to drag around and read at lunch or while waiting for an appointment. I have one version of the Bible downloaded on my Kindle, but if you look carefully at my list, I tend to jump around, which I find hard to do on the Kindle.
Several other books simply were a challenge. Neither “Sell Your Book Like Wildfire” or “Miracle at Tenwek” kept my interest much, but I just kept plowing through. “Decoding Daniel” was also a challenge and way over my head. We read it for my Tuesday morning Bible study, so it took forever and parts of it were over the heads of everyone else in the room some mornings.

Which should explain which books made my reading list and why. What books are on your reading list for 2015? What kinds of books are they? The latest best-sellers? Classics? Self-help? 

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